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PLFA I Week 5 Roundup

Autor: Alex Zarganis Published: 7 May 2014 | Comments: 0

Just one game was played in Week 5 of the PLFA I season, and that matchup saw the Szczecin Cougars move their record to 2-0 with a 26-16 victory over the winless Bielawa Owls. Here is a quick recap of that lone game.

Szczecin Cougars 26, Bielawa Owls 16 (in Szczecin)

Łukasz Lewandowski scored three times for the Szczecin Cougars on Sunday, helping his team to wear down the visiting Bielawa Owls in a 26-16 win. The victory allowed the Cougars to keep pace with their crosstown rivals, Husaria, atop the PLFA I West Division standings. Both Szczecin teams have begun the season with two victories in two tries.

Bielawa played nearly even with the Cougars in the first half, leaving the outcome in doubt until late in the game. The Owls led 6-0 after a quarter of play on the strength of a Dimitrios Stamulopulos touchdown run. Lewandowski tied the game early in the second quarter, and he then gave the Cougars their first lead just before halftime with his second score.

The tight score kept emotions high in a game that got very chippy, with bad blood between the teams leading to confrontations that the officials had to work hard to control. Two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties led to the automatic ejection of Owls linebacker Mateusz Morasz, leaving a big hole in the Bielawa defense that Lewandowski and company were able to exploit throughout the second half.

Wojciech Sibera scored the only points of the third quarter on an 8-yard touchdown run, giving the Cougars a seemingly comfortable 20-9 lead. The Owls were not done yet, however, and Stamulopulos cut the lead to four points early in the fourth quarter with his second touchdown run of the game. It wasn't until Lewandowski completed his hat trick that the home team could breathe a sigh of relief.

Both teams will play the winless Gliwice Lions in their next contest. The Cougars will have the honor of going first, traveling to Gliwice on May 11 for their turn, while the Owls will now take a three-week break before hosting the Lions on May 25.

West Division:
Sunday, May 11, 11:00 AM: Gliwice Lions (0-2) vs. Szczecin Cougars (2-0)
Sunday, May 11, 1:00 PM: Tychy Falcons (2-1) vs. Husaria Szczecin (2-0)

East Division:
Saturday, May 10, 11:30 AM: Pabianice Wilki (1-1) vs. Krakow Kings (1-1)
Saturday, May 10, 2:00 PM: Białystok Lowlanders (1-0) vs. Płock Mustangs (2-1)

Alex Zarganis
PLFA Press Bureau

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Grupa Zachodnia

p. TEAM G W/L +/- Pts.
1. Husaria 8 8/0 235 16
2. Falcons 8 5/3 10 10
3. Cougars 8 5/3 -30 10
4. Lions 8 2/6 -88 4
5. Owls 8 0/8 -127 0

Grupa Wschodnia

p. TEAM G W/L +/- Pts.
1. Lowlanders 8 8/0 272 16
2. Kings 8 4/4 -33 8
3. Tytani 8 3/5 -2 6
4. Wilki 8 3/5 -79 6
5. Mustangs 8 2/6 -158 4