PLFA J Weekend 2 Roundup

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The second weekend of PLFA J tournaments has been completed, with games played in all five of the division's groups. The five group winners, the Warsaw Eagles, Szczecin Gryfici, Bielawa Owls, Tychy Falcons and Olsztyn Lakers, along with the three best runners-up, the Toruń Angels, Wrocław Devils and Poznań Patrioci, will gather in Bielawa on the weekend of September 28-29 to determine a champion. Here is a brief summary of each of the five tournaments played.

Group A (Warsaw): Unbeaten Eagles sole team to survive group stage

Results from the 2nd Group A Tournament, played on Sunday in Warsaw:
Game 1: Krakow Kings 38, Warsaw Spartans 12
Game 2: Warsaw Eagles 36, Krakow Kings 28
Game 3: Warsaw Eagles 32, Warsaw Spartans 0

Overview: The Warsaw Eagles youth team held off a late rally by their counterparts from the Krakow Kings to maintain the top spot in Group A play and finish with an unblemished record of 4-0 in the group stage. The Kings, who finished 2-2 after beating the Spartans in the opener, gave up too many points during their two weekends of play to qualify for the playoffs. The Eagles shut out the Spartans for the second consecutive time to wrap up play in the group.

Group B (Szczecin): Gryfici take two games at home to win group, Patrioci qualify
Results from the 2nd Group B Tournament, played on Saturday in Szczecin:
Game 1: Poznań Patrioci 38, Kozły Poznań 24
Game 2: Szczecin Gryfici 21, Kozły Poznań 0
Game 3: Szczecin Gryfici 22, Poznań Patrioci 12

Overview: Both the Szczecin Gryfici and the Poznań Patrioci did enough on Saturday in Szczecin to claim spots in the postseason tournament, but it was the Gryfici who won the group after defeating the Patrioci 22-12 in the final game of the day. Both teams recorded victories over winless Kozły Poznań before that contest. The Gryfici will go into the final tournament in Bielawa as the fourth seed, while the Patrioci were the final team invited to play in the postseason.

Group C (Wrocław): Devils win derby again to join undefeated Owls in advancing
Results from the 2nd Group C Tournament, played on Sunday in Wrocław:
Game 1: Bielawa Owls 14, Wrocław Devils 0
Game 2: Wrocław Devils 22, Wrocław Giants 8
Game 3: Bielawa Owls 36, Wrocław Giants 0

Overview: The Bielawa Owls started the tournament by shutting out the Wrocław Devils and finished it by shutting out the Wrocław Giants to leave them with a 4-0 record after the group stage of PLFA J play. The Owls will now be joined by the Devils, who were one of the three best runners-up, in the playoff tournament to be held in their own hometown. The Devils beat the Giants 22-8 in the second game of the day to secure their place in Bielawa.

Group D (Będzin): Falcons defense completes perfect run to the postseason
Results from the 2nd Group D Tournament, played on Saturday in Będzin:
Game 1: Tychy Falcons 14, Zagłębie Steelers 0
Game 2: Tychy Falcons 56, Rebel Rangers 0,
Game 3: Zagłębie Steelers 44, Rebel Rangers 20

Overview: The Tychy Falcons established themselves as the favorites in the postseason tournament two weeks from now by shutting out both the Steelers and Rebel Ranges for the second time. It was a rough day for the Rebel Rangers, who gave up 100 points in two losses on the day. The win by the Steelers over the Rebel Rangers gave each team at least one victory in group play, making Group D the only group to finish without a winless team. Neither the Steelers nor the Rebel Rangers qualified for the playoffs.

Group E (Olsztyn): Angels join undefeated Lakers in the playoffs
Results from the 2nd Group E Tournament, played on Sunday in Olsztyn:
Game 1: Toruń Angels 36, Bydgoszcz Archers 0
Game 2: Olsztyn Lakers 44, Bydgoszcz Archers 0
Game 3: Olsztyn Lakers 24, Toruń Angels 6

Overview: Group E will send two teams, the Olsztyn Lakers and the Toruń Angels, to the postseason tournament, after the second weekend of play saw them both shut out the Bydgoszcz Archers. The Lakers defeated the Angels 24-6 to allow them to finish group play undefeated. Olsztyn recorded shutouts over the Archers on both weekends of play, and their 18 points allowed in four games was good enough to make them the second seed heading into the postseason.

Quarterfinals and semifinals
: September 28, 11:00 AM, in Bielawa
Seventh-place, fifth-place, third-place and championship games
: September 29, 11:00 AM, in Bielawa

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