Eagles deny Seahawks top seed

Warsaw sends Gdynia to second straight defeat with 30-21 triumph
photo: Jacek Stańczak

PLFA I Week 13 Roundup

Lowlanders and Husaria go to 6-0, Falcons close in on playoff spot
photo: Karol Kundzicz

Panthers move into second

Wrocław pounds Kozły 56-0 to move closer to home playoff game
photo: Łukasz Skwiot, www.skwiot.pl

PLFA II Week 8 Roundup

Saints beat Ravens in only game played
photo: Mirosława Łukaszek

PLFA I Week 12 Roundup

Kings and Wilki draw ahead in race for second East seed and Cougars stay in the West hunt
photo: Piotr Piątek, Elbrus Studio

PLFA II Week 7 Roundup

Angels and Crusaders unbeaten halfway through as Lakers, BEagles and Archers also win
photo: Marcin Fijałkowski, www.maffoto.pl

Eagles blast Sharks 47-6

Vye settles into the offense with six total touchdowns
photo: Marcin Fijałkowski, www.maffoto.pl

Panthers upend Seahawks 23-14

Gdynia loses for the first time this season as Wrocław takes over the tiebreaker
photo: Łukasz Skwiot, www.skwiot.pl